I’m Joining the Dwolla Team!

It’s official. Next week I will be joining the team at Dwolla!

Dwolla is a company that is changing the way people make payments and transfer money. They provide an alternative payment network to credit cards that is faster, cheaper, and more secure. Basically, Dwolla makes it easy for anybody with an internet connection to safely transfer money to friends or businesses.

I’ll be working on the design team to help create a better payment experience through several platforms including web, iOS, and Android. I’ll also be fulfilling many of their print design and branding needs. It is a great opportunity and I’m anxious to be around so many talented people who can help me develop my skills and continue to learn.

Alot of awesome things have been happening at Dwolla lately. Veridian Credit Union recently became the first financial institution to integrate Dwolla’s FiSync, giving access to roughly 160,000 customers. Dwolla also recently received a round of funding from Ashton Kutcher’s investment firm, A-Grade, along with six other firms.

I can’t wait to start this new adventure, but at the same time the change is bittersweet. I have been at Kreg Tool Company for just over two years and I will definitely miss everybody. It has been a great company to work for with amazing people and I’m just really grateful to have learned so much from all of them.

I’m super excited to get started and I look forward to keeping you posted!

6 thoughts on “I’m Joining the Dwolla Team!”

  1. Awesome! Dwolla will be a great fit for you, and you will be a great fit for Dwolla. Congrats dude!

    btw dwolla folks, start practicing now.. Jay… Dub… Jay Dub. JW.

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