I Got My Field Notes!

If you don’t know by now, Aaron Draplin is basically a design legend. He produces a series of memo books that are great for quick notes, sketches, and well… just look cool. I recently purchased the Spring 2012 National Crop Edition, six-pack box set and it is awesome! They’re based on old memo books that were distributed to farmers by seed, tractor, fence, and other agricultural companies.

You owe it to yourself to go check out his insanely, huge memo book archive and to watch the video below about how Draplin got the inspiration to start such a vast collection. Also, learn more about him in this One Minute With interview.

My favorite part of the video: “Dudes sitting around talking corn, man that’s pretty good!”

2 thoughts on “I Got My Field Notes!”

  1. This guy’s passion is absolutely intoxicating. Just thinking about the physical layout work and artistic expression that went into each of those individual field books really makes you think.

    I will admit that I grew up with this kind of stuff around me all the time… and never really stopped to see the beauty.

    Brilliant stuff.

    1. Yeah, Derek. You can definitely see the passion Draplin has and it is truly inspiring. It’s really interesting to hear from somebody who has grown up around these memo books. I can see how it would be easy to over look them!

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